2016 5Gallery, " Resistance"

Albuquerque, NM

 Figure: a group exhibit based on the human form.
Quite Title is a term used in seizing land. In the Southwest white settlers would issue a public announcement in the local newspaper stating a claim to a piece of land and if their were no objections the land would become theirs. Since many of the hispanics  did not speak or read english, their land was lost. Other aspects included references to Kennewick Man and the social construct of race addressing an anthropologist theory that Kennewick Man was white and resembled Patric Stewart from Star Trek.

Geography, Manifest Destiny and symbolic references to Aztlan were other  components of the “Quite Title Installation.

1997 “ Capture of The Espinosa Brothers”, 80 Washington East Gallery, NY.NY.
An installation that uses the construct of American identity and the reality of privilege and exclusion. The west became a free land grab for White Settlers while Hispanic and Native peoples were an obstacle. The Espinosa brothers fought against white settlers for seizing land.  A bounty, capture, and beheading of two brothers played out in Southern Colorado during the late 1800’s. I was shocked by the violence and how certain peoples had more rights than others. I wanted to step away from the literal depiction and create a stage that displaced the context of history, art, and identity. Included was A quote from Octavio Paz’s Essay,The Pachuco and Other Extremes “The Pacheco does not want to be a Mexican again, at the same time he does not want to blend into the life of North America”. 

image above; 2016, 5Gallery, Albuquerque, NM, Resistance

Continuum installation

The sequence of murders, 11 women found buried in Albuquerque's West Mesa in 2009. The installation references to the historical context of sculpture as a memorial. The murderer has not been identified. The wall pieces are titled at "Krypts" and floor pieces are titled "Gutter Drones".